This is how I imagine Percy when I'm reading PJatO(apparently, he's barefoot. XD forgot to add sneakers, sorry)
I ATTEMPTED to write Percy in ancient Greek according to pronounciation. "pi, upsilon, rho, sigma, iota." (learned alphabet in a really miniscule amount so it's definitely wrong XD)
[edit '11: thank you ~Ion-Swan for telling me the Greek spelling of his name: πέρσι τζάκσον]

I love chibi Percy at the top left, pouting about Luke getting all the girls. XD and I fancied up Riptide~! C:
I was researching about Greek Mythology today, and I've gotta say, Greek mythology is the horniest erotic ancient history porn I've ever read. ;u; I just stopped after reading about Pan and satyrs. That's why I have Percy in the corner all disgusted and creeped after researching Greek mythology like I did. (I had that same expression) -u-;

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I've lost interest in PJatO years ago, so I am discontinuing the series (I only intended to draw 5 characters to begin with anyway). Sorry for the inconvenience.
Also, I already said this, but please ignore the Pseudo-Greek names my stupid middle school self wrote on all my PJatO works.
Again, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reading.

Percy Jackson © Rick Riordan

- scribbled in pencil, OpenCanvas 1.1 for quick coloring.
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