Other PansPucks Picture

This drawing I had planned for quite some time, but actually got started and finished last night! This drawing is of beings similar to fauns and satyrs in my world.

Sileni are, despite their appearance, the closest in relation to satyrs and fauns. They are wild, mischevious, and are prone to being drunk. In Greek art, silen were the original form of stayrs before they took on the apperance of Pan.

Se'irim are not at all related to satyrs or even fauns, because they are not mortal fey/bestial beings. They are demons. Se'irim are from jewish demonology. The word means 'Hairy one(s)", and was translated into english with the word "satyr". Thus contributing why se'irim has satyr-like forms.

Glaistigs come from Scottish mythology. In my world, they are least in similarity or relation to fauns or satyrs. They are fey beings who are not memebers of the fey court. They appear as elven beings from the waist up and have the legs of goats from the waist down. They are also identified by their common use of green garments. They are sly and seductive fey who seduce wandering travelers into coming with them, and when they are alone with their prey, they kill them.
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