Dangerous and Sweet Picture


NAME: Malaika
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Wolf/Cheetah Hybrid

QUAD DESCRIPTION: Though she's a wolf/cheetah cross, most of the body structure is wolf. The only feline attributes are the black ears and ears spots, big cat-esque nose, cheetah spots and fluffy cheetah-like tail (she use to be drawn with a wolf tail as seen in some of the refs, but it's cheetah now.) Fur on the back of neck is "fluffy/spikey" in quadruped form (bangs are optional). She has amber eyes (like a cheetah). She has 3 black bands on the end of her tail and a few spots above the first band on each side. She also has a line of spots down each side of her neck (but they are not on the back of her neck or her throat). Feel free to play with the wolf/cheetah mixing.

ADDITIONAL QUAD REFS: [link] - [link] - [link] - [link] - [link] - [link] - [link] - [link]

NEW (shows eyes and nose): [link] - [link] - [link]

ANTHRO DESCRIPTION: As an anthro, Mala is about 5'3" in height with a slender build. She's got long, slender fingers and legs. She's usually drawn as a digitigrade, so she has that raised ankle thing going on. There's no paw pads on her hands. Otherwise everything looks the same as it does in quad form EXCEPT SHE DOES NOT HAVE SPOTS OR THE BANDS ON HER TAIL. She has a long, fluffy white tail. The black crescent moon and star on her left hip and black outlined wings on her back. See the refs below for exact placement. Her eyes are silver and her hair is short and spiky in the back, with longer bangs in the front.

ANTHRO REFS: [link] - [link] - [link] - [link] - [link] - [link] - [link] - [link]

TATTOO PLACEMENT: [link] - [link] - [link]

ACCESSORIES: Can be put in costume to fit theme. In either form she has silver hoop earrings in the lower part of her ears, and silver balls right about those. There's an eyebrow ring in her left eyebrow (the c-bar kind with the metal balls at both ends). Now-a-days in anthro form, she usually wears a black bondage collar or a black choker with a silver heart pendant. I also have a One Ring rep I sometimes wear on a gold-chain. As a quad she has an osprey feather behind the right ear that was given to me by my Bloo sis (Orca No Da). Clothing style is something of the Punk Rock/Emo look, though can also be depicted in just jeans and t-shirts.

NECKLACE REFS: [link] - [link]

LIST OF PERSONAL INTEREST (that could maybe be integrated into pictures):
Michael Jackson (specifically the song Smooth Criminal)
Harry Potter/Slytherin House
Musicals (RENT, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Sweeney Todd, etc)
Lord of the Rings
Moulin Rouge
Peter Pan
Ancient Egypt
The Lion King
The Roxbury Brothers (you know, Night at the Roxbury. Go Doug Butabi!)
Glowy Things
Animals (real and mythical. Deer/Elk, Giraffe, Cheetahs, Dolphins, Lemurs.. to name a few. Also dinosaurs)
Chronicles of Narnia
Pokemon/Anime (<3 Team Rocket. Fav has always been Jolteon. Go old school original 151!
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