Patron God Pan WIP Picture

I don't know if I've just imagined him in my childhood up until now, but I see him watching over me especially in my sleep. I know he is a dead god, one of fertility and music, specifically music produced by the flute type instrument he is known to have with him.

I have already added to this piece, but I think the transition is needed. It's important, the original pencil lines show emotion and thought while adding to the line art which provides a bit of stability.

There are a lot of pieces missing in my life that had been filled in with the imaginary, and Pan was always there. Sometimes he just watched, sometimes he interacted with me, handing me books or playing his flute or even just holding me until I fell asleep. He never needed to say anything, just like all of my other guardians and angels, because the words were already there in my head. Like the others he would speak through his smiles or other actions and I would just feel the words that were not said. I would not hear them, but they would be there. Whenever something bad happened, Pan consoled me and made sure I would be fine. Dead or not, he is comfort.

This will be moved to scraps once a better one is put forth
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