Pan comforts Psyche Picture

3rd, December 2007

Reinhold Begas - Pan comforts Psyche, 1858

Taken at the Old National Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

The story of Psyche is one of my favourite stories from the roman mythology.

Background story:
In December 2007 I went on a trip to Berlin with some friend and fellow art history students. We stayed there for three days and participated in an art history congress. This is when the other Berlin photos in my gallery were taken, too. Besides the congress and some sightseeing in the city we also visited some museums.

My camera was very new back then. It was an early christmas present so I could take better pictures during the trip (more zoom, manual functions and such) . Unfortunately the weather was... not that great and it was very dark and cloudy all the time so I had to shoot with a high ISO.... and long exposures without a tripod. Thats why the pictures needed some noise removed
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