Faun families Picture

School doodles. Which I finished inside of my train home afterwards.

I blame this late spring for all the frolicing sketches. Wow, sunshine, didn't have that since October. c:

I actually very much like fauns/pans/satyrs/goat-people as long as they're not the Greek mythologic sort which rape animals and humans. The word pansexual freaks me out a little because of that, actually. I wish they'd rename it because that one pan dude was one sick bastard. I heard in the Greek mythology, that the panflute he invented was made of the plant a nymph turned into in order to escape him. Then she got sliced up and used as an instrument by that rape beast. But Greek stories are scary no matter which chapters. Sorry I'm ranting. :'D

Pencil and felt pen.

Other goat related art:

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