Pan needed a drink... Picture

The myth of Pan is a complicated one. He was famous for his sexual powers and is credited with teaching humans of masturbation, yet the Olympian Gods patronized him for being a bit of a fool. At the same time, through his music and revelry he was known to entertain and delight the gods with his syrinx flute. Arcadian worshipers in Greece praised him when they were successful hunters and scorned him if not. Basically, no matter what he did, the guy was the Rodney Dangerfield of Greek mythology: "He can't get no respect".

So this is my Pan: beat down by life, a little past his prime, feeling a bit under-appreciated. Why not get drunk?

My friend Mike Neff had come into town from New York just in time for the Bacchus shoot, and at the last minute we got together a Pan costume for him. Feeling as though I hadn't used Pan to his full potential in that group shot, Neff was accommodating enough to make the transformation yet again while we were out at a local bar. I managed to only get off a few shots with my studio lights before the bartender shut us down.
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