Pan Picture

A homework assignment.
I really enjoyed painting this.. it's the closest I've gotten to doing my own style of work in a long time. Man.

Sorry for the crappy photograph. It's really hard to make images look good on the net without a scanner.

The female figure is my re-imagining of the god Pan. Like Pan, she dwells in the fields, groves, and wooded glens. She is very fond of music, and plays her Pan Flute to attract the robins, bringers of luck, into her midst. Robins are the only songbirds who remain in the North during the winter months, and thus are her only musical companions until May Day (a Celtic festival that celebrates the arrival of Spring). Her head is adorned with deer horns, which is a traditional headdress at the May Day festival. It’s also a symbol of her connection with the animals and nature of the forest.

Pan was a god of the fields, groves, and wooded glens, a Sheppard of animals, and fond of music (especially the panflute or panpipe, which is named after him). In Celtic mythology, the Robin represents the waxing year, and is the only songbird that remains during the winter months. It is said to have earned its fiery breast by delving into purgatory and delivering water to the souls trapped there.
May Day, also known as Beltane, is a Celtic festival celebrating spring and fertility. At such celebrations, many people where headdresses of flowers or antlers on their head.

A "friend" of mine offered to scan images in for me for 5$ a piece, 10$ for photoshop editing. Thanks, but NO thanks. What a dick, eh? After scanning five ish images, I could have bought a scanner. Then, when he proposed to do the photoshop editting, I was thinking in my head - great, first you want to rip me off with your "scanning service", and second, you try to make money off of some simple 1 second colour adjustments/crop. I had to tell him 'no thanks' about five times before he realized I wasn't born yesterday.

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