The Great God Pan Picture

The Great God Pan

Wen I first saw this wonderful stock image cerebralaperture [link] I immediately thought that was perfect as a base for a photo manipulation of the God Pan. The picture captures a sense of inner strength and subtle menace that in my opinion would be perfect for a primeval slightly demonic God as Pan.
I am not really sure that a more complex background will improve the manip. but in the future I will try to found a suitable background for this composition in the meantime I hope you will enjoy it.

Hope you enjoy


model: mdd stock 3 by cerebralaperture [link] link to the model [link]
horns: goat skull by borderline stock [link]
hooves: Hoof 1and 2 by Falln Stock [link] [link]
fur texture: moose 1 by salsolastock [link]
pelt: Cest and Fur by Nhuval stock [link]
brush: fur brush pack by sullivan [link]
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