Pan: The Horned King Picture

This is my version of the Horned King, also known as Pan. Pan is a god of nature in Greek mythology and has been appropriated by many cultures.

Traditionally he is the Lord of the Masculine, the Strange, the Elemental and of course rampant, raw Sexuality.

The King of the Fairies, Pan is not as popular as the Faerie Queen, but he is every bit as vital, powerful and commanding.

He's not as likely to change appearances, but on some nights he throws on an appealing human shape and dances with wild abandon into the dark wee hours. Beware young maidens who dance in the moonlight, for the Horned King will take you in to the shadows...

Model stock is: [link] . Textures are my own. Painter X and PS Elements 6.0

Submitted for the #FantasyHunks March Greek Gods Contest.
I won second place! Hurray! [link]

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