#5 - Strife - Fear Picture

"Face thyself and thou shalt not fear itself. Step in the battle, strike or be struck"

When the Dream is dying, the only thing that can re-new it is struggle and fight. The cyclical fate of strife shall never let the world rot in peace. The unobtainable must remain so for the dream to continue, for the will to exist, and life is exactly the travel rather than the destination.

As everyone knows, hatred and violence comes when other forces (neither persuasion, love or the combination of the two) fail to make reciprocity between the attacker and the victim (at first, different poles trying to contact). This only come to be when one's inner self tries to defeat, at first, one shade within itself that is named as Fear. From this inner self battle, the victim becomes present in the visible world. Fear, then, is regarded as a safe fake alarm of what or what not to do.

There are others who will of course follow the path of safety and will always fear the world and will cultivate their fears on what comes out from their closed realities, from the "domes" of the Phobos' Legionnaires. That fear controls them and gives the power to someone else, whoever hold safety for those who lost themselves to the shades.

Nevertheless, facing fears may actually grant rather good consequences, such as learning. Yet learning and acquiring knowledge has always been a way to separate its possessors from the present power of the Light God and his domain (which comprises both the material world and the idealistic dream of Paradise).

And the Chthonian Triton (our pilgrim in these events) has fears too, despite his past reckless violence. He fears to lose his powers and become a mere human existence victim to an exploitation system, to the sameness of modern life. The power of becoming a Triton has rendered him freed and powerful, as he would learn, powerful enough to survive the struggle of life and to cut through the veil of metal that comes with progress and safety-based modernist talks.

But Strife-Fear's newest incarnation, Phobos the masqueraded Telchine, is a sadistic opponent with great skill. He craft the fears of those who dare step on his domain with all sort of scrap that falls from above it, symmetrically from the acid and murky river Styx, a current of putrid liquid that is aptly named after the primeval nymph of Hate. From there, bones, metal and rock are forged in the black smokers, chimney structures of the deep ocean.

Fear, hate and strife are all parts of the same path and cycle, of the warrior and both of the oppressor and of the oppressed. It has no preference over who lives or dies, who pass to the domain of rest or who remain forever trapped in this eternal state of difficulties and probation.
Phobos now, Eris before and even earlier Deimos, this Strife-Daemon has no mercy for whoever woke up from dream and find itself on the barren reality. Who's killed Love and left Dream to succumb to its master (Morpheus Oneiroi is passing to become one with Hydros), and ultimately who refused HypnosThanatos' offer. It assumes that only the flexible survive, believing itself to be inflexible.
If the Chthonian has any chance against this hollow shell which incarnate his powers, it lies on the differences rather than similarities, in abstracting this supposed reality by denying it, rather than living a dream, to suppress death and rest, by carving something out of the strife and probation, for seeking defeat and reach victory without ever wishing it.

This is the last of the original Four Deadly Streams that the Chthonian Triton will ever face. To see them, check this deviation: fav.me/d7g1aye
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