Sandman Picture

Flint Marko is a mutant and leader of the Oneiroi Cult with the power to summon nightmares. He was originally a petty thief who brawled with Spider-Man a few times before he found out about his powers.

v Summon Nightmares

v Telepathy

v Conjure Up Sand Minions and Clouds

v As Sandman, Marko's suit is comprised of a black and grey jumpsuit, black belt with a glowing red eye in the buckle, and black loincloth with a hourglass symbol. He also wears a brown cloak and hood with a brown mouth piece held together by a red hourglass symbol. Also, he has glowing red eyes and pale skin.

v All of his followers, known as Dreamers, have a getup similar to Marko. They all wear black and brown cloaks and hoods with a large red hourglass symbol on it.

v Sandman is an interesting character to me in the comics. And he always has a very confusing origin, and I don't like it. So screw it, I'm starting from scratrch.

v I was tired of seeing the Sandman as a joke or a side act.

v This Sandman starts off as a thug, but becomes a criminal mastermind. This even leads to him starting his own cult.

c If you want to imagine what the cult would look like, think of something like this: [link]

c The idea of the cult and his character is based on a redesign of Riddler seen here: [link]

v The name of the cult, the Oneiroi Cult, comes from Greek mythology of dark-winged spirits of dreams known as the Oneiroi.

v The idea is also slightly based on the Hellfire Club

v Sandman's powers come from a combination of Sandman from 1602 and Dream from DC Comic's The Sandman.

v He does not nor will he turn into sand! He can control a type of sand similar to the mythological Sandman.

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