TSHS: Leviat StarPyre Picture

Finally finished with his guy..Man my whole freaking week...

Anyway! This is the famous Leviat, Alida's oldest brother who escaped the slaughter of their family and his current whereabouts are unknown and shall remain as such until I feel otherwise.

Leviat is actually just a nickname that the family called him by since his name is long and it just stuck, he'll even introduce himself as "Leviat." His full name is Leviathan, after the mythological sea monster. Yes I know it's also the name of the Demon Prince of Envy but that's not what I was going for.

Unlike Alida, Leviat's scales are silver in color and has the full human form that she lacks. He breathes blasts of frozen air and ice shards unlike her flames because he was born during a blizzard, the frozen temperatures freezing his fire glands into ice glands. The whites of his eyes are black, a trait of all matured adult dragons, Alida's will become like that when she's older too.

I know you noticed those Aries symbols, yeah yeah yeah. I'm getting to it. But first some more Dragon History~

Alida and Leviat's family, StarPyre, is one of 12 other families that make up a large dragon clan called Wkar Kepesk (Celestial Storm). Within each separate family is a power, called Tharm Di Baeshrai or just 'Zodiac,' that manifest within and marks one family member. These marked dragons, referred to as Daron, are responsible for the safety of their family and then entire clan in times of crisis.

There is also a 13th member of the Daron, called Siksta, who is the 'leader' of the group. Siksta are chosen at random and may come from any one of the other clans; it may also be a former Daron who's power evovled from their 'Zodiac' to Siksta. It has been uncertain why Wkar Kepesk dragons have this power and why exactly they have it, that information has been lost to them through the passage of time. When the 13 Daron fight together, they can release an attack of their combined powers, the name of which is the same as the clan's, Wker Kepesk.

Leviat is/was the current Aries Daron of the StarPyre family. If he should die or his power evolved to Siksta, Aries is transferred to another member of StarPyre, namely Alida. But since she is juvenile, the power will not be revealed until she matures or disaster strikes, if she has inherited it. The clue will be an Aries mark on both shoulders.

YEAH. Whether or not Leviat makes and appearance is up in the air but it won't be anytime soon. It would cause a lot of problems and Alida's personality would change a lot if he showed up. So yeah, now we know more about Alida's family and her missing brother...anything else?


OH YEAH. I forgot. Leviat is about 978 dragon years old (appearing about 28 years old). His dragon form is also twice the size as Alida's being 56 ft long and 84 ft wingspan. He is also A LOT nicer and more laid back than his little sister.
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