Taera the Selkie Picture

So this is Taera, a 22 year old Selkie girl.

Selkies are a creature that can change form human to seal form by putting on a seal skin. it is said that a man who finds and takes a female Selkies skin and hids it will have the Selkie to do whatever he wants with, including having her as a wife. it is also said that if the man is to burn the skin than she has to stay as his wife, but if she gets the skin back than she has to return to the sea and may not see the man again for 7 years.

Taera's seal skin was taken by a fisherman, who made her be his wife. she and he had a son. The son sken what his mother was and tried to get the skin back for her. Taera's husband beat the son, but Teara tried to stop him. thats how she got the scar on her back. in the end she passed out and he killed her son. The next night she killed her husband, took back her seal skin and returned to the sea.

just a little story for everyone. I really wanted to draw a Selkie one time and I ended up with her. I looked at the picture and thought "she needs something on her back". eventualy the scar was what I came up with, and thuse the storie. tell me how ya like the picture. I'm quit happy with how it turned out for only beeing two hours.
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