Antediluvian Generation Picture

Name: Adam (also known as Ask)
Occupation: Prophet
Spouse(s): Lilith (former); Eve
Children:Cain, Abel, Awan, Seth, Azura, many more
Born in the Garden of Eden during the Golden Age, Adam was the very first Human being created alongside Lilith. As the Father of Humankind, he developed the primordial Human language (referred to as the Adamic language) which he used to name the beasts and creatures of the earth, air and sea. After Lilith refused to mate with him and left to become a demon, Eve was born from one of his ribs. The two of them were later kicked out of the Garden of Eden by Jophiel and his garrison of Cherubim when Lilith tricked them into eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Once they had committed the Original Sin, they were cursed for the rest of their days. The two of them became the parents of many sons and daughters including Cain, Abel, Awan, Azura and Seth. Adam died at the age of 930.

Name: Eve (also known as Pandora and Embla)
Spouse(s): Adam
Children: Cain, Abel, Awan, Seth, Azura, many more
Born from Adam's own flesh, Eve was created to replace Lilith and to be Adam's soulmate as well as his equal. Like Adam, she was a very naive, innocent and curious girl during the Golden Age (before the Fall of Man). However this changed after being kicked out of the Garden of Eden for the Original Sin. For her share in the transgression, Eve (and womankind after her) was sentenced to a life of sorrow and travail in childbirth. For many years Adam often pinned the reason for their expulsion on her. Eve was a loving mother, loved to eat fruit and often charged herself in keeping her spouse in check. She presumably died at the age of 930 too.

Name: Cain
Spouse(s): Awan
Children: Enoch
Cain was the first born son of Adam and Eve and the older brother of Abel. He is best known for the first murder - the slaughter and betrayal of his own brother Abel. For punishment, he was cursed with the Mark of Cain and to wander the earth for all his years. Joined by his sister and lover Awan, he traveled to the Land of Nod, east of Eden. There, he and his son named Enoch established the first city.

Name: Abel
Abel was the second born son of Adam and Eve. He was a faithful, kind and innocent young man who was murdered by his older brother Cain. The soul of Abel is described as having been appointed as the chief of martyrs, crying for vengeance, for the destruction of the seed of Cain. Abel now holds position as a judge of human souls.

Name: Seth
Occupation: Prophet
Spouses: Azura
Children: Enosh, many others
Seth was born after the slaying of Abel by Cain, and Eve believed God had appointed him as a replacement for Abel. Seth was born when Adam was 130 years old and Adam made Seth the heir to guiding humankind. Seth was a wise man and was the first human to begin planting crops and gardens for food. Seth was given wisdom in several different aspects of life. He took his younger sister Azura as his wife and became the father of Enosh at the age of 105 and passed away at the age of 912.

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