Cu Chulainn Picture

Great...I've turned one of Ireland's most famous heroes into a Inumimi...
There must be a special place in hell for people like me.

----Cú Chulainn---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The great hero of Irish mythology who appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, son of the
god Lugh with Deichtine, sister of the king of Ulster. Born with the name Sétanta, he was bestowed
with a new name during a journey to Emain Macha, where he intended to join the army even while he
was still a child. While playing hurling with other kids, his uncle the king of Ulster, Conchobar, invites
the boy to a feast at the house of Culann the smith, to which he agrees to after finishing the game.
Conchobar forgets to inform of the boy to Culann, who releases his ferocious guard dog, famously
known to have the strength of ten men. Sétanta is attacked, but kills the hound with ease, to the
shock of Culann arriving at the scene. To make up for his mistake the boy agrees to take the dog's
place as his guardian until a replacement could be arranged. He is therefore renamed Cú Chulainn
(Hound of Culann), and prophesied to have everlasting fame, but a short life.
Cú Chulainn grew as a brave warrior, and was known for his battle frenzy, not being able to tell
friend from foe and slaying everyone in his way. His rage in battle was so much in fact, that his
body would become scalding hot, boiling barrels of water thrown at him in this state. He embarks
on many adventures, one of them being travelling to the Fortress of Shadows on the Isle of Skye,
where he is trained by the famous warrior-woman Scáthach, and gains his iconic weapon, the magic
spear Gáe Bulg. The barbed spear is forged from the bones of a terrible sea monster, and is said to
enter so deep into the victim's body that it can only be removed by cutting the flesh.
Later in life he broke his vows to never eat a dog and never refuse hospitality when an old lady
offers him a meal of dog meat, and is cursed as a result, becoming weak in the following battle.
He is hit by one of the three " King-Slaying Spears" of Lugaid, and dies while tied to a menhir.
So ferocious he was in life that the enemies doubted if he was really dead, until a raven lands
on his shoulder.

Different from practically every depiction of him you've ever seen, Cú Chulainn is actually described
as a very young and short man, so I've tried to portray him as a teenager. The doggy ears and collar
are a joke on the "Hound of Culann" stuff... and because it looked cute. =w=

The main challenge was actually deciding on his colors. The war paint HAD to be blue (Thanks, Mel Gibson...),
and everything color I threw at him seen to clash with the tattoos. I was initially going to make him red-haired
with green clothes... But they said it looked too stereotypical for an Irish warrior, oh well.

Hope you liked it! See you guys next time!
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