Three Mythological Characters Picture

The story behinds three characters... It was pretty old story all way in 2000.

A man, as known of Wise Sun, was from the Sun, and two sisters were from the Earth and the Moon. The Lady Earth never knew her sister, Lady Moon, and Wise Sun were cousins. Their grandfather was King Sea, but the children of King Sea never mentioned for many years after he disowned them. But, not his own granddaughters...

Wise Sun loved Lady Moon fairly, loyally, and faithfully. Wise Sun sacrificed almost anything to make Lady Moon his wife, even if it was so cruel thing to do. King Sea was confident that man who from the Sun was very worthy for his younger granddaughter as his new wife. After they married, they had a child together named Little Sky, and left to his home, Sun. Lady Earth now owned the Moon.

Seven years later, Lady Moon and Little Sky visited the Earth for King Sea's 50th birthday party. Each hour, they really had so wonderful moment with their friends and family. Until, at night time, Little Sky accidentally told his great-grandfather that Wise Sun and Lady Moon were cousins. Out of rage, all friends and family kicked Moon and Sky out.

Now, Wise Sun learned this such silly situation and he cursed on Earth for not respecting his beloved family. All people of the Earth would bear the darkness where you see no light there. Years after years, the people became so evil and so wrecked... One day, the family who from the Sun returned to visit the dark Earth but they didn't know there was an evilness. People murdered Lady Earth and Little Sky, which caused Wise Sun felt so pissed off totally. Those people couldn't beat Wise Sun, neither King Sea would. He simply burned a whole of Earth to death with his powerful magic.

All people died.

Wise Sun didn't feel anything at all. No remorse. No sadness. No angry.

He felt so numb but he loved his family that all he could think of. He returned his Sun alone...


EDIT: Never mind. It is 2000. My bad, aha.
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