Unique Character Tut 4- Anthro Picture

Part 0 - Introduction: [link]
Part 1: Face (1) - [link]
Part 2: Face (2) - [link]
Part 3: Body - [link]
Some anthro sea life: [link]

Re-edit: Here's a helpful link for drawing different looking anthro faces:
This guy did some of the same stuff for anthro that I did for human faces.

Edit: OKAY OKAY anthropomorphism. I may go back and fix the text later.

Maybe I should have named this part anthro and fantasy, because I also go into mythological characters that sometimes can't really count as anthro unless you change them from what they're originally supposed to be.

For the fox faces, I chose an animal that's typically drawn a lot in DA's anthro community to show that you can still give your character original features even if you choose a commonly drawn species.
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