Gods, Assemble! - Myths in another genre Picture

This is my entry for a contest (another one, yes! I love challenging myself) that is called Myths in another genre, by the group Myths and Legends. Of course, I couldn't not be part of a group like this, since I love mythology.
The task was to put some characters from any myth (Scandinavian, Aztech, Greek, etc...) and put them in a whole different context from their usual.

So... I decided to pick some Greek gods (my favorites) and put them in a Comic-based universe! I chose something that could resemble Marvel comics, in particular.
So here's my piece, with all the characters as superheroes (and also supervillains) in an hypothetical comicbook series. The title of this comic is "DeusXMachina".

Why "DeusXMachina"? The inspiration comes from the Latin expression "Deus ex machina" (see what I did with the pronunciation of the X?
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