Akhlut::Haida Myth Picture

Edit Is anyone interested in prints of this? Just curious. It's actually original for me and good quality so I was just thinking it might be worth it.

Relevant excerpt from my WIP submissions: Akhlut, a killer whale that transforms into a wolf when it goes onto land. He is said to be a dangerous being, very evil. So when the Haida people see wolves near the water they think of them as evil spirits. They say the way you know if a wolf is truly Akhlut is to see if his paw prints lead to or from the sea.
There is also a story that goes along with how Akhlut came to be. There once was two wolf pups that an old man found. He took them home and raised them. In order to thank the old man, the wolves would go out each day and bring back a whale for dinner. The whales provided too much food and much of it went to waste. The Great Man Above saw how much of the whale wasted and he created a fog the next night the wolves went out to get a whale for dinner. The wolves could not find their way in the fog and thus were doomed to wander the sea forever, being sea wolves.

I kinda wonder if the old man was sad.

Anyway, I found all this information fishing around on the internet. I like Native American mythology. Well, I like mythology in general.

Screenprint, done for a class project. Didn't make it in time for the contest. Oh, well. If I feel like trying for text circling it I will do it in illustrator, but right now I am done with it. It was a huge pain... but this was my first screenprint.

The registering got messed up a lot... so it's a little off, and this was my best one. Although I liked my REALLY unregistered one the best. It looks neat, I think. I fumbled so much trying to do all the processes correctly, but overall it's okay. Some of the ink isn't fully covered in the layering process but I think it actually adds something to the piece since it's reminiscent of Haida artwork--where I got my references.

(Hey, look at that. I get to use a new category for submission!)

Art © Julie Love 2009

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