LEVIATHAN-Demon of ENVY Picture

My series of artwork "7 Deadly Demons" - this is the fourth. Demon of ENVY-LEVIATHAN.
He is one of the two animals demons (along with the Behemoth).
Leviathan (Hebrew לִוְיָתָן, livyatan of lava - "twisted, stranded") - "serpentine beast." a monstrous sea serpent, mentioned in the Old Testament, is sometimes identified with Satan, in modern Hebrew - a whale. Leviathan (Lefiafan, Lefian, Lat. Leviathan) - the demon of envy. Is a prince of the Seraphim, and with Beelzebub and Lucifer led a revolt of the angels. Leviathan ringleader of heretics, it entices people to sin, directly contrary to the faith. Leviathan is the gate of the subconscious, where the found of the whole of human strength and spiritual evolution. Lefiafan leads man to the most distorted perception of reality, which is due to a special state of mind and false representations.
Mythical sea monster, the personification of all evil.In the mythological dictionary Leviathan is defined as an underwater fire-breathing monster with huge eyes lets him see through the dark water, column of the nostrils, which pulled out of pairs, a double row of sharp teeth glittering in the huge jaws and long, thin neck, which is crowned by a huge elongated head [link] .
Some people thought that Leviathan brought Samael (Satan) in alliance with Lilith, from which then came Cain.
Sometimes Leviathan accused that he was the serpent who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. In Hell he is the Secretary for Maritime Affairs, as Satan has appointed him chief of all the water expanses.
Likes: writing depressing poetry, spying on people
Dislikes: herself
Color: Green.
Symbols: The dog or the serpent
Punishment in Hell: Submerged in freezing waters.
His sin ENVY-here [link]

I can't find stock of the body
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