Koukomon Evoline Picture

Digimon redrawing continues!! Managed to get three digimon done this month, yesssss. More will follow in February!

Koukomon the ghost bird! My only ghost digimon really. Ghosts are cool though. She's also special because she's based on Finnish mythology all around so I can use my native language with the attacks and such, yussss.
Koukomon, the babies and Liekkiömon didn't change much, just some details, but Ajattaramon went through a big makeover and the Ultimate was completely replaced! If anyone remembers the old Ultimate it was this... Weird vampire hunter thing, which didn't sit right with me seeing how all the other forms were based on mythology. So extreme replacement happened and the new Ultimate, Loviatarmon, is not only like 100 times cooler than the old one, but also based on mythology like the rest of the evoline! Win-win situation!
Also someone might remember she had a human partner. I still think she does, but her old partner was a huge blank. So her partner concept is in limbo right now. So in the size chart we have Ru, who I decided is my "generic human" used in sizecharts with digimon with no partners.

Huumon - Kiamon - Koukomon - Liekkiömon - Ajattaramon - Loviatarmon

Partner(s) - She does have a partner but I just don’t know who.
Featured in - Nowhere at the moment.


Name Origin: Finnish mythology. Huu is either a creature that appears to people before they die, or the ghost of a recently deceased person that makes weird bruises on a living blood relative's skin. (The bruises are known as Huu's bites).
Level: Baby I.
Type: Small Spirit.
- Sumuhuisku [Mist Duster] - creates a wall of mist between her and her foe so she can escape.
Personality: Very curious little creature, she's also a bit mischevious.
Trivia: Small ghost digimon that seems to be on ghostly fire all the time, so to speak. The substance its body emits is something between mist and fire.

Name Origin: Finnish mythology. Kakkiainen is either a ghost, or a small, mean spirit that's said to appear in people's dreams and tell them where to find treasures.
Level: Baby II.
Type: Small Spirit.
- Utukynsi [Mist Claw] - scratches the foe.
Personality: Highly curious and energetic, she loves to play with others, but also plays pranks on them.
Trivia: Small ghost digimon constantly floating about, it seems to be aflame with ghostly fire. It doesn’t seem to be affected by its body constantly dissolving though.

Name Origin: Finnish mythology. Kouko is a creature that was used to scare children, like the boogie man; kouko was said to be a ghost, a beast or a large humanoid.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Ghost.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers.
- Virvaliekki [Will'o'Wisp] - shoots a stream of white ghostly fire from her mouth.
- Mörkö [Boogie Man] - melts into the opponents shadow and attacks them with her claws from behind.
Personality: Happy-go-lucky kind of digimon, Koukomon is optimistic, easily excited and unlimitedly curious about everything going on. She’s in high spirits most of the time and appears to have infinite amounts of energy. She’s quite social and enjoys spending time with others, though sometimes she becomes a bit of a handful with her constant excitement and lack of the concept of personal space. She tries to behave, really, but she gets caught up in the moment so easily! She also considers pranks a great way to have fun, which doesn’t sit right with everyone.
Trivia: A strange Ghost-type digimon born from the mixture of Ghost and Bird digimon data. Since it's a mix of a ghost and a living thing, though it levitates around, can partly dissolve into shadows and seems to be aflame with ghostly fire, it is quite heavy and can't pass through objects like ghosts usually do. Its tail appears to constantly dissolve with otherworldly flame-mist-reaction, but that doesn’t affect its data structure.

Name Origin: Finnish mythology. Liekkiö is a ghost associated with fire; it was either the ghost of a child buried in a forest, or a ghost bird that burned with restless flames during nightfall.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Ghost.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers.
- Talviliekki [Winter Flame] - flaps her wings, sending a squall of white fireballs at the foe.
- Aavekallot [Phantom Skulls] - summons five bird-like skulls to hover by her side and sends them flying at her foe. The skulls explode into ghostly white flames on contact.
- Hautuumaan Kellot [Bells of Graveyard] - lets out a high-pitched screech, creating sound shockwaves.
Personality: Her personality hasn't changed much, though Liekkiömon seems to have matured a bit and is more socially aware. Amused of her scarier look, she'll play pranks on others and sneak up on others to scare them more often than Koukomon.
Trivia: Though its ghostly appearance makes its wings look broken, it can fly surprisingly well and is always either flying up high or floating near the ground. It’s a mixture of Ghost and Bird-type digimon data, leaning more towards Ghost. Unlike Koukomon, this digimon can both melt into shadows and pass through objects.

Name Origin: Finnish mythology. Ajatar (also spelled ajattara) is an evil spirit that pursued people in the woods. Ajatar could manifest as a serpent, dragon, witch, troll, ghost or demon, and was sometimes even said to be the mother of the Devil.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Demon Man.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers.
- Palomuuri [Firewall] – stomps the ground, sending bursts of white ghost flames around her to burn nearby foes.
- Kalmaliekki [Death Flame] – shoots white fireballs at the foe from the tip of her tail.
- Peikkokynsi [Troll Claw] - attacks the foe viciously with her claws.
Personality: Pretty much the same as Koukomon, though Ajattaramon is more impulsive and reckless, jumping on people and jumping into battles. She also seems to get odd pleasure out of chasing others, which doesn’t interest any of Koukomon’s other forms.
Trivia: Demon Man digimon with ghostly fire constantly burning in its feet and tail. It’s not all that big or strong-looking, but it’s surprisingly strong physically, able to take on digimon several times its size, just like any other Perfect-level would. Its battered wings give it the ability to fly, though it’s not all that talented a flyer. This digimon has the ability to melt into shadows, further distressing those it pursues.

Name Origin: Finnish mythology. Loviatar is a blind daughter of Tuoni, the death god. She gave birth to the Nine Diseases. In some texts she’s thought to be the same person as Louhi, the queen of Pohjola.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: God Man.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers.
- Noidannuoli [Lumbago; lit. “Witch’s Arrow”] – shoots a thin, lightning-like stream of fire from her fingertip. If the attack connects, the bolt bursts into a sea of ghostly white flames on contact with devastating effects. This attack is powerful, but easy to dodge.
- Luuvalo [Gout; lit. “Bone Pain”] – by concentrating on a single target, Loviatarmon causes the foe’s wrists and ankles to light up in white ghostly flames just like her own. Too bad the victim experiences awful pain from this instead of just looking cool. This attack requires concentration on a single target and ends if Loviatarmon’s concentration is broken or if she changes a target.
- Rutto [Plague] – Loviatarmon spreads her fiery cape wings wide and shoots a barrage of white fire balls all around herself. The fire balls can be concentrated on one direction, or shot aimlessly all around in a 360 degree circle.
- Syöpä Cancer – takes direct contact with the foe and engulfs them in white ghost flames so intense they burn straight to the core.
Personality: Still basically the same as Koukomon, though she appears calmer and more mature in this form. Loviatarmon still has a tendency to get over-excited and do impulsive things, though!
Trivia: God Man-type digimon with ghostly powers. It wears a cape made out of ghostly white fire which grants it the power to fly, pass through solid objects and melt into shadows. It fights using this same otherworldly white fire, and is a dreadful opponent.

Digimon (c) Bandai/TOEI.
Koukomon and her forms are mine.

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