Njord the God of the Sea Picture

A small character sketch in GIMP. A character from norse mythology.
 This pleased old man is none other than the norse god of the sea Njord, the Nordic region's own answer to Poseidon. Njord is the ruler of the wind, sea and seagulls, builder and patron of the ship, father of the love goddess Freya and the god of fertility Freyr and husband of the winter goddess Skadi. Njord is the richest of the gods, but he lives simply in a small cabin called Noatun. That Njord is married with the goddess of winter, Skadi is a funny story in itself: 

"Skadi's father,the Ice Giant Tjatse had stolen the goddess Idun's immortality apples which gave the gods eternal youth and immortality. As revenge on this offense the gods had Tjatse killed, but his daughter, Skadi, was not happy and wanted revenge. She was a powerful giantess and the gods would rather not have any more blood on their hands now that they had gotten back their apples. So they gave Skadi an offer as an apology. She would be taken in as a goddess among the gods and may choose a husband. Skadi
accepted, for she had long had her eyes on the beautiful sungod Baldr. But the gods suggested that all the gods who were not
married would have a chance of marrying Skadi, so it was decided that she would choose her husband by look of their the feet. All free deities stripped off their shoes and pants and stood behind a curtain, so that only their feet where visible. Skadi had
quickly caught sight on the most beautiful pair of feet, smooth and fine, she was sure that these feet could not belong to anyone other than the beautiful Baldr, she pointed at them and said: "I want him!" But when the curtain was lifted, it was Njord she
pointed at. Skadi was unhappy, of course, but realized that she had chosen him herself. Skadi and Njord married and when the newly married couple went to Njord's home, Skadi wanted to know how Njodrs feet could be so fine. Njord smiled and pointed at the sea
that splashed beside his cabin. "It's because I always stands barefoot in the water, all the time."

Now it is so despite the fact that both Njord and Skadi, slowly began to love each other, they could not live together. Skadi had become the goddess of winter and felt most at home in the snow and mountains, by the wolves. While Njord was the god of the sea
and loved the roar of the sea and seagulls screams. So the couple decided not to stay together. "

Here I have chosen to give Njord a happy appearance of an old, experienced sailor, standing in the water with his feet, as he does every day.

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