Hades Blog Concept Art: Charon Picture

So I finally got off my lazy butt and started some concept art for a project I've had in mind for about three years now. This is Charon, a.k.a. "Karen." For those not well versed in Greek/Roman mythology Charon, child of Nyx and Erebus, brother of Thanatos, Hypnos, Aether, and so many others, is the ferryman of the dead. You pay him and he takes you across the river Styx on a boat. Pretty simple stuff really. In the project I'm working on, Charon is currently an angsty teen who seems caught between being an emo kid and letting his true bright personality out. He's stuck in social limbo as he's pretty awkward and his siblings tease him constantly as he is one of the youngest.
a/n: I love that darn lantern he's got on his oar/staff thingy.
This is merely my envisioning of him to suit the needs of my project. please don't steal him for any reason. if you intend to use this concept art I'd like credit. not too hard right?
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