TFPP3 Shane Jetlagg Picture

This is an interesting little cross I'm making... I decided to cross Transformers Prime with Persona 3 (and I'm crossing Rescue Bots with P2: Innocent Sin). Anyway, this is my OC, Shane Jetlagg, and she serves as the protagonist. After receiving a mysterious message, she returns to her hometown of Jasper, Nevada after ten years to find a man named Optimus Prime. But what she encounters in this sleepy little town when the clock strikes midnight is frightening.

Weapon: Any type of axe or street sign (think Shinjiro).

Personas: Orpheus of the Fool Arcana, Oizys of the Hunger Arcana

This is my rendition of Orpheus as a combination of the male and female forms and more resembling to Shane. And if you aren't familiar with the rest of Greek Mythology, Oizys is a spirit representing pain and suffering, and a daughter of Nyx. I'll have another sheet of my renditions of Messiah and Orpheus Telos, but I'm doing these in order of Arcana. As you can see, Shane is the Fool, so guess who the Magician is?

Transformers Prime belongs to Hasbro
Persona belongs to Atlus
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