Erebus 07.07.20 Picture

A sketch of Erebus from this winter.

So Erebus is the personification of the darkness of the underworld in Greek mythology and the name I picked out for my RPG villain way back when. He was a conduit to the lost world of Umbra and became derranged when Nyx, the only woman he loved, was lost to the very power he sought to control.

The scar is something that he picks up during the game when his physical body is nearly destroyed. It's filled in with a material magic from another world and becomes a source of power. What's more his green eyes, graying pigmentation, and pointed ears mark his mastery of ethereal magic of yet another world. Together with the dark time and space powers of Umbra, Erebus weilded the magic of three alien worlds.

Nowadays I just primarily think of Erebus as an ancient Dark Lord.
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