Goddess of Light and Darkness2 Picture

Inspired by my the card, I drew out starting with my alter-ego in elven form. She's both the Goddess of the Night, and the Angel of Death. In this 'card', I call her "Nyx" ((although it's the name of my other evil and sinister alter-ego)) since it comes from one of the mythological myth (Greek, I believe) Nyx : Goddess of the Night.
Lastly is my elven version of my best friend Sunshine I've long been trying to do a 'combo' pic of both me / my alter-ego, with Sunshine (as Light and Darkness / the Morning and the Night) -inspired by her Goddess of the Sun pic.

Art and character "Black Storm Van Pendragon" © ~blackstorm ((me))
Character "Sunshine Carmine" © ~sunshynne
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