Pandora's Xmas Picture

Pandora, she is the origin of all of humanity, she is why we sin, she is why we love, she is why we are human.

I am the destroyer
A force with hidden emotions
Leading an arrogant army
In a land of smoke and ashes
This ruin of shadows and whispers
I am the creator
A soul with simple desires
Breaking the silence of death
In a grave of living beings
This curse of eternal ennui
I am the voice
A shapeless figure
Guiding the damned
In a labyrinth of deception
This sanctuary of bliss

Follow me
~ poem by Shyan Zarrabi~


Meredith- Pandora ( means all gifted) white
Jamie- Young Pallas ( means young maiden) in the green
Michelle- Nyx ( means night) red

Michelle represents the souls of the night ( the old)
Jamie is the souls of the young
and Meredith is Pandora, the first human in greek mythology

happy holidays =]]]
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