Aether: Greek Picture

Son of Nyx and Erebus, younger brother of Hemera… Aether! The upper air; the Air of the Gods, also known as Heaven. Some people think that he and his older sister are married, and that Gaia, Oranos, and Thalassa are their children; of course since all three came before them; that’s impossible. Anyway… in my version they aren’t married, (I’m aware that it’s impossible to avoid incest completely in Greek mythology but I am removing it when there’s no reason for it, and there is no reason for Hemera and Aether to be together) Neither of them are married so far, if I find someone who I think they should be with then I’ll let you know.

Aether – Heaven, it would suck to have Heaven as your younger brother… seriously…. o.o I have him looking more like a boy, innocent and happy, he is Heaven and currently the only source of light, so that’s where his colors come from; now in my opinion it makes more sense for someone who is light to actually look darker… I mean just from getting tan; but that is impossible when there is no sun… so…
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