Olympus Apt 20 Picture

Look at me, attempting backgrounds.

Did a little research like a year ago into Thanatos for some reason I'm sure and ended up falling in love with him and his brother Hypnos (who I've kept twins here, though I think in some versions they're only half-brothers). He hates humanity since he just has to kill them, he hates the gods because they never die, and the gods are all scared of him for pretty much the same reason they avoid Hades. I know Hypnos has fucked with Zeus on at least one occasion, but thanks to their mom being Nyx, they don't really face the consequences. Anyways, after playing with them in another story I'm working on, they ended up here, living with Hades.

There are actually two different forms of Thanatos that I found, since back in the day he was generally portrayed as causing violent deaths. He was given a sword and a beard and was pretty destructive. Later he started getting portrayed as more gentle and carried an inverted torch (a theme you'll notice I've been working with) that symbolizes how he extinguishes life. I chose the more gentle version here.

Speaking of two different versions, I started drawing Thanatos long before I started reading
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