The Djinn Picture

About: [Warning, some mythology here was carefully rewritten and edited by moi to fit my story so please understand I know how the original [myths] go I'm just having fun is all ^_~)

From Wikipedia's Definition of Djinn.:
"The Djinn are said to be creatures with free will, made from 'smokeless fire' by God (the literal translation being “subtle fire”, i.e., a fire which does not give itself away through smoke), much in the same way humans were made of earth. "

The Djinn exist in the same universe as "Noctambulist" or the 'Multiverse". Considered by some cultures to be demons, in my universe they are technically another race entirely. The Djinn are beings of near infinite cosmic and reality warping powers, being one step below the Gods themselves. Formerly inhabiting 'Midgard', or 'Earth' they were mischievious, deceptive, manipulative, arrogant sexual, sensual, violent extremely dangerous beings given to toying with humanity, this later caused Nyx goddess of the Void and the Multiverse to exile and banish them for eternity to an unreachable dimension. Unreachable except by those few beings gifted with dimension slipping. In my universe, Oberon the High King of the Fae himself is half Djinn and half Seelie, this explains his ability to be powerful enough to rule all of the faery realm. The Djinn in the photo above is Oberon's half brother Cyrus, a full blooded Djinn. Djinn though with their origins in fire also are gifted with wings (in some mythology they are attributed as such).

Resources: Photo is recognizable as a photo of Anakin Skywalker rendered in black in white with some careful hunting for wings to manipulate to fit on his back properly. Some Djinn's wings look like fire like tattoos come to life, others (most) are feathered.

Comments: I'm really fond of this one, I made it on a whim one time and I absolutely love it. It's just how I pictured the character in my head, it won't win any awards but it's more for fun. I enjoyed toying with it. It's very, very dark and I like to think that hides any mistakes I made *lol*. XD.
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