Nyx Picture

Meet the newest edition to the family, Nyx!

She's an absolute doll .

A lab x rottie mix- the mother was the lab, and the rottie was the father.

For a while, her name was princess. That was only because she wasn't a permanent pooch in the household yet.
However now, she comes to the I thought of- Nyx.

I was trying to think of the possible names that would suit her all black coat.
That's when I thought of Nyx.
In Greek mythology, Nyx is the Greek Goddess of the night. A shadowy figure. She was seen as a powerful and beautiful figure (that of which Nyx most certainly thinks she rules the house already. B| ). Nyx was also only ever seen in the shadows , and only by a glimpse- which definitely fits her when she's running around at bed time outside and knows it's time for bed. >B| .
And, what with her being all black- it fits. (At least, to me it does.)

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