Narcissus - In tears of my reflection. Picture

"Cher corps, je m’abandonne à ta seule puissance ;
L’eau tranquille m’attire où je me tends mes bras :
A ce vertige pur je ne résiste pas. "

"Un enfant vint à mourir, les lèvres sur tes eaux,
Fontaine, de s'y voir au visage trop beau.
Du transparent portrait auquel il fut crédule."

J'ai toujours été très sensible à l'histoire de Narcisse, que, comme beaucoup de récits mythologiques, je trouvais triste et injuste. C'est mal, mais je n'aime pas les Dieux.

aquarelles & acrylique blanche.

I've always been very sensitive to the story of Narcissus, that, as many mythological stories, I found sad and unfair. This is bad, but I don't like Gods.

"When agitation placid came
He dared- from love- new love embrace;
But wading through the wat’ry void
Disturbed the beauty of its face."

"Bereft of love’s requited touch
He pounded moans upon his chest,
And stagg’ring ‘mongst the wind’d reeds
There came by Nyx eternal rest.

His deathbed there’s a thing of woe,
A cautionary tale some fear:
The Naiads, Dryads- all the Nymphs,
Warn self-love grows a flower there."

"Narcissus, Narcissus, where is thy boyish bloom,
Thy long, slim form that lay beside the pool,
And the lips cold smiling to their smiling image cool?

watercolors & white acrylic
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