:: Child of the Night :: Picture

Song: Lemuria/ Sirius B album - Therion
Amount of Time: 2 or 3 hours
Weapons Used: o.7 mechanical pencil, graphite, PSP (this time)


Re-upload...I added certain things and what not to it...yeah I like the old paper style XDDD However, I might delete this again since I want to re-do it a bit better...am not so happy with it now...And thats because of the last realistic picy I did...It came out better...its not fair lol XD But then it has its reasons...the shadeing isnt so good...and maybe it is...but I cant even see it...thats cause I used a really...REALLY cheap paper to draw this...I didnt have any white paper and well....it came out rather sucky. I mean the paper isnt even white...its a creamy or light brownish color gah... >-< So yes I might re-do my baby and this time try to do an awesome job on him....

The Roman God of Death, Mors...or Thanatos in Greek mythology...A.K.A by my friends as me Bf ^^ I wove him....

The title is beacuse he IS the son of the night, Nyx. Twin brother of the God of sleep, Somnus (Hypnos ). Those are butterflys, his symbol. I choose white and black butterflys...Supposedly White Butterflys represent the souls of death humans...Blacks Death.

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