Poseidon's Kiss Picture

EDIT: MOVED TO SCRAPS! This is bloody horrible work :K (12/02/2011)

Look! Another romantically based piece featured in water, but this one only took me five hours, so not bad business.

And the first time I've ever finished two separate pieces in two consecutive days! I'm on a roll!

Either way, the red head is Poseidon, hence the title, and has no relation to the Greek mythology. The woman is Kallisto Nyx, she's been featured in my gallery before, younger and with a different character design than what I have for her now.
First time drawing a kiss that didn't end horribly, and that only being because I went the cheap way out and didn't draw any lips, but thats for another practice.

The glowing tattoos on her are bioluminescent, having to do with her species, hence they are not just for show and add sparkly shine to an already glowy piece.

These two are from the same story as the fire breather Loki in my gallery as well, and here they're featured as older than in the actual written story line, but that was my point
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