Oneiros Rising Picture

So recently, I've taken to reading the Wheel of Time series, which was recommended and lent to me by my good friend Dave. It's a brilliant series thus far, recommended to any fan of fantasy and bildungsromans. One concept I especially concur with is the Tel'aran'rhiod - world of dreams that can affect the 'Reality'.

Coincidentally, I've also been browsing wikipedia (as one does) on the subject of the sons of Nyx (and Hypnos). These sons are respectively called the Oneiroi.

"The most powerful Oneiros was Morpheus. His brothers Phobetor (Icelos) and Phantasos crafted parts of dreams, while he formed the dream in general. Morpheus shaped human figures, Phobetor animal, while Phantasos shaped inanimate objects."

"They were personifications of dreams—black-winged daemons—and were said to live on the shores of the Ocean in the far West, in a cavern near the border of Hades. The gods sent dreams to mortals from one of two gates located there: true dreams emerged from a gate made of horn, whereas false dreams threaded their way from a gate fashioned of ivory. "

So here is a Oneiroi, sending out dreams. It's probably Icelos, I associate Morpheus far too closely with the Sandman (and hence the Matrix).
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