TiZB v.7 Picture

Many, many moons ago I came up with the idea for a grim reaper; a normalish man draped in robes that look like feathers at the bottom (to simulate wings if the wind blows right...angel of death, etc. etc.) and wearing a skull mask of some non-specific horned long faced creature. A few moons later I commissioned Emily Sampson to whip up a sketch based on basically that description. There have since been newer sketches by herself and me and now I've decided that I really want to make a 3D print of this character(more details of the statue later).

So here's a work in progress comp of the hybrid design and current iteration on the character (and the first original sketch...in super low res and stamped). There's still quite a bit of work that has to be done, and I need to bring in the other half of the statue (yes there are two characters intended to be in the final product).

Character original concept © Brady Thomes (The-Brade / BlueYourMindLLC)
Concept art © Emily Sampson
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