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Now here's something really unexpected... So Unexpected that it may require us to use all caps...


But before I begin, I'll type the words out for people who can't read it (because it isn't a whoring font like Arial or Helvectica):

"I actually like Celestia... Even if I make crass jokes... View her as a tyrant... Or even view her as a Mary-Sue... I still care about her... More so than some other fans"

I've noticed that quite a lot of people in the fandom of MLP can get quite upset with how people view Princess Celestia. Well I think I could give you some insight as to why this sort of thing happened:

Celestia as Trollestia:
Ever since season one, people have made some assumptions that Celestia was quite a trickster; let alone, she has some pranks she's pulled throughout on not just the main characters, but several side characters as well. However, we must consider that Celestia is rather unusually too nice to most people, and being that she is a goddess of sorts, and anyone who's actually read about the ancient gods knows how they can be quite harsh to mortals, this really isn't an unrealistic take on her. However, sending anyone to the moon (when she doesn't actually have that power anymore in the first place) because they don't like bananas is rather old hat...

Celestia as Molestia:
Once again, her extremely high amounts of politeness and kindness seem to be hiding something; she's a memetic molester! Celestia probably winds up being rather lonely after the years, and it wouldn't be surprising if she acted on impulse (again, read some old-world mythology and you'll see what I'm talking about). Plus, in real-life, horses do find ways to "entertain" themselves in desperate times...

Celestia as a Tyrant of the Solar Empire:
Now will the first two are usually fun and games, this is the one that's bound to cause the biggest amounts of butt-hurt. Being that there's plenty of plot holes already in the actual canon (read my next section carefully), the assumptions that Celestia is really an oppressive ruler don't actually seem that far-stretched. First off, outside of a highly stylized book, we really have no exact reason for why Celestia banished Luna to the moon, for nobody in Equestria really knows about it except Celestia and Twilight, which really leaves us to wonder. Perhaps Luna just threw a temper-tantrum and Celestia just acted on impulse? Or maybe Celestia was jealous because her sister was much more beautiful than she was (Which isn't a stretch of the imagination; Nightmare Moon is gorgeously designed, let alone, many old Eastern and African folk-tales depict the sun being jealous of the moon, and night-time is seen as more "romantic and lusty" than daytime)? The story in the show doesn't really say much, and it doesn't seem to hold well with the rest of the setting.

Then you must figure some of the major events that happened throughout the show when Celestia should have been taking care of it, not some "meddling kids", or should have done something to make it less nerve-racking:
- "Dragonshy"; you have a dangerous monster on the loose that's threatening your area. It would be much smarter for an all-powerful alicorn to attack it than a bunch of misfits.
- The Parasprite outbreak; Celestia should have known about these bugs being over a 1000 years old in order to educate her people about them. Then again, Flootershai is rather stupid about animals...
- Discord; yeah, he's a total dupe from what we've seen, but it's been hinted that he might be more of an asshole and threat than what the show has revealed. But where's Celestia at?
- "Lesson Zero"; I think Celestia didn't step in early enough.
- Queen Chrysalis; I refuse to believe that Celestia got knocked out by that wannabe-witch-bug-freak.

It seems rather fishy that she doesn't stand up for her people when she needs to... Just saying...

Celestia in my head-canon (The Knight-Templar Archetype):
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