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Another image, woot

And once again here's her description:

I'm still debating on her name - I'm hesitating between Abyss, Erebes, Nyx and Hera (yes I do love Greek mythology XD). She has one element, which is Shadow (well, and I suppose Speed if you can call that an element since she's extremely fast). Her powers consist of projecting illusions of creatures from the shadow world (the unliving; creatures that died), blinding her enemy completely with it and often leaving them stunned in fear, then giving her the chance to rip them to pieces lol. If her target has killed others in his/her life, the illusions projected often consist of those creatures.

She doesn't talk that much and is more of a loner. Her personality is dark, but I wouldn't say she's evil. She's just a grump XD Just don't get on her bad side. She does not love, but she does care for her friends. It's just that she's mostly afraid of getting too attached and then losing it all in the end - but she doesn't admit to being scared, of course.

Not much is known of her past since she never or rarely talks about it. The only thing known is that her ancestors were elemental guardians and that would explain how she got her element.

When using her powers, her paws, mouth and eyes glow purple.

What name do you guys think I should pick?

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