FionaVanyel: Klaue Picture


Stockings, Dark Red
Mane + Tail, Dark Red
Sclera, Black
"Blood Dipped" Ears + Tail

Parents n/a
Young n/a


Klaue is extremely curious. She tends to appear strong and confident around others, eager to learn new things and quick to form opinions. She likes to laugh and talk, and is very outgoing. She's especially interested in anything mythical or supernatural; she often goes on random researching sprees, searching out the mysteries of some legend or story.
In all actuality, she's a bit on the flighty side when alone, and is easily scared by stories and her own research. She'll get so sucked into research that when she looks up, it's dark, and she's terrified that the monster she was reading about will come to eat her.

Mythology, legends, folklore, stories, meeting new people, scary stuff, gaining information, comedy, the day, supernatural lore

Things that go "bump" in the night, being startled or scared, things that shouldn't move but do, shadows, being alone, the woods at night, anything that makes her cry


How to adopt: [link]

{ Comment with a Claim + name. One pet, per day.

- This Kirin likes scary/creepy things a lot. She wants an owner that shares the same likes as she does, so, along with your claim comment, tell her a scary/creepy story YOU experienced(by scary I mean monsters, blood, ghosts, haunted houses, you get the idea) The scariest story after 24 hrs. gets to keep her!

- One try per person!

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