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Saori Sato

Age: 16

Team: --

Bow and arrows

Summoning Method:



• Null Light
• Drain Fire

• Weak Ice
• Weak Dark

• Normal Phys
• Normal Force
• Normal Elec
• Normal Almighty

• Unique Skill: Taunt
Target: [Single Ally] or [Self]
Description: Makes enemies more aware of the target's presence, diverting their attention to him/ her.

• Skill 2: Hama Boost
Target: [Single Ally] or [Self]
Description: Increases effectiveness of Light skills, be it in terms of damage or success rate.

• Skill 3: Tarukaja
Target: [Single Ally] or [Slef]
Description: Boosts Attack.

• Skill 4: Invigorate
Target: [Self]; Passive
Heal Rate: 2-6% per turn
Description: Restores a small amount of SP over time

• SKill 5: Diarama
Target: [Singly Ally] or [Self]
Description: Restore a medium amount of health for one ally.

• Skill 6: Mahama
Target: [All Enemies]
Description: 20% chance of instant death on all enemies.

• Skill 7: God's Judgement
Target: [All Enemies]
Description: Reduces all enemies' current HP by 50%.

• Skill 8: Vile Assault
Target: [Single Enemy]
Attack cost: 18 - 20% of HP
Damage Type: Heavy
Description: Downed enemies are inflicted with even greater damage.


In Greek mythology, Hemera was the primeval goddess and embodiment of the day. She was also the daughter of Erebos (Darkness) and Nyx (Night).

In the evening, Hemera's mother drew a veil of darkness between the shining atmosphere of aither and the lower air of earth, bringing night to man. With each morn, Hemera would disperse night's mists, bathing earth once again in heaven's shining light.

Saori's main trait of being an eternal optimist is reflected in Hemera's mythos. Regardless of whatever dark or dreary situation she encounters, this pink haired girl always looks for the light at the end of the tunnel.


Saori grew up in the capital of Tokyo. There, everything was fast-paced and people had to look out for themselves. From a young age she learned the true nature of people when pitted against one another. School was never as simple as going to an institution to learn. You had to impress other people, be it the teachers or your own classmates. Because she found that way of life unnecessary and tedious, Saori simply opted to quietly sink into the background, refusing to do anything that might bring attention to her.

It was at this point that her personality adapted to become shy and introverted but nevertheless, she still believes that things will take a turn for the better.
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