Birth of Protogonus Picture

According to the Orphic Creation Myths the creator god. Protogonus was the first god to be born from the Cosmic Egg (World Egg), which Chaos and Aether had reproduced, . Protogonus name means "First Born", and it was he who had created the universe.

Protogonus had three additional names. Protogonus was popularly known by another name as Phanes(Revealer), the golden-winged god of light and love. His other names were Ericapaeus (Power) and Metis (Thought). These three different names represent the three different aspects of Protogonus' powers.

There is some confusion of whether Nyx (Night) was his mother, wife or daughter. The source that I have with me is that Nyx was his daughter, whom he had sex with, to beget Heaven (Uranus) and Earth (Gaea).

As Phanes, he was seen a sun god or the god of light. Phanes has four eyes, and heads of various animals. Phanes was depicted as a sexless god or a god with both sexes (androgynous being, ie a Demiurge) with golden wings. Phanes was also invisible but he radiated pure light.
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