Nyx! * Re-upload* Picture

This is just a re-upload (As the title states) of my character, Nyx, that *ThatsRawrtasticxD drew~
Original: [link]

.:Info On Nyx:.
Name: Nyk
Nickname(s): Nox and Night
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years, 5 months.
Species: Wolf
Description: Look At Photo~
Personality: Nyx is laid back, but fierce when her family/friends get messed with. She's aragant, though, and would rather do stuff her own way then anyone else's. She hates most pups, but when it comes to her own pup she'd give her life for them.
Past: -I'll Do This Later-
Family ;
Mom: Khaos
Dad: Aither
Mate: Khronos
Pup(s): Artemis (Female)
How I Got Her Name; In Greek mythology, Nyx was the Greek Goddess of the night, and since my character loves the night, her name became "Nyx" :3

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Khronos's (The Greek God) Page On theoi.com - Khronos.html">[link]

Drawing (c) *ThatsRawrtasticxD
Design (c) *ThatsRawrtasticxD
Character (c) ~ServiSnakeSnape
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