Kitsune Picture

So this look was primarily influenced by the Japanese magical fox, the Kitsune. I'm told the Kitsune is pretty prevalent in Japanese anime, but I've just always been a fan of mythology, so I decided to give representing the Kitsune a shot. I was requested some time ago to do a Geisha-type makeup, so I opted for something very stylized that was more my speed, but still influenced by Japanese aesthetics like the makeup of Geisha and Kabuki.
(Fun fact: When you call to mind the 'typical' Geisha makeup, you're actually thinking of their apprentices, Maiko. Full-fledged Geisha only wear the heavy makeup for special ceremonies.)

You can also see the Demonstration for this video on my youtube channel, ManticoreMakeup. Here.

Products used:
Glue stick (for covering my brows)
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
White Powder
Old red liner
Red Shadow from the 252 Palette
Kryolan Aquacolor in Black
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