Nyx Sinat Picture

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Full Name: Nyx Sinat
Origin Of her last names: Sinat spelled backwards is Tanis
Meanings for Tanis: Greek form of Phoenician Tanith, possibly meaning "serpent lady. In Egyptian her name means "land of Neith."
Meanings for Nyx: Greek name meaning "night." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of night

Age: 21+
Gender: Female
Race: Sheiba Ha Ookami(35%) x Were-sabertooth(65%)
Height: 5'5"-5'6"

pending! (Workin on it)

- Princess of a tribe
- Guardian/Stable hand

Mate, Statues: Single, open!

Skin Tone: Palish tan
Eye colors: Amber
Tattoo's/Scars: none
Outfit: (above) She wears a similiar attire from her tribe but of royal statues, her style of outfit is based of the greek-native american-etc style, she also carries the warriors helmet and spear of her tribe.

Hair color: Sandy blond
Hair Length/style: Long-wild

Elements: Blood

- Xynra Sinat(older 1/2 brother)

- Protective, loyal, stubborn and sometimes fight ready, sometimes shy(especially when meeting males on certain levels), she can be very feisty compared to Cielo, usually accidentally challenging some of the werewolves and other were-animals on the islands near by.

Facts/other info/misc info:
- She and Cielo do not get along at times but in the end their best of friends and have each other's backs
- She does not eat 'human food' but cooked meats and raw meat/fish/etc(native style)
- She speaks in an ancient language and in English
- She has sharp fangs
- She and Cielo help each other out when they go hunting
- She mainly rides Fenris
- She is confused by some stuff
- She sometimes snaps at her brother

Story on how she came to BVS: pending! (working on it)
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