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Nemesis – wrath of the Gods

Strict goddess of the revenge, the justice and the destiny, named also with blameless woman and without shame. Regarded as the personification of the wrath of the Gods. She was based on a guard of the balance of world together with Erinyes. Daughter of the Night (Nyx) and Ereb.

Nemesis was introduced as the woman, holding the branch in one hand to the apple tree, in second wheel symbolizing the changeability of the fate, in the more late iconography the wheel has often been replaced with the hourglass which symbolized the patience of gods. When the last grains of sand ran through in the hourglass, the Nemesis punished. It wasn't possible to escape from the Nemesis, she was able to find the villain everywhere, she could see every act of the man even if nobody could see it. Her name in a Greek manner it denoted the decision, from whom it isn't possible they were to dismiss. For her sentences were indisputable and they were indisputable, not only people but also gods were afraid of her. The Nemesis executed a sentence with indifferent, colds with face (this way at least she was being carved and painting).A horsewhip or a sword, with which she punished often hang from her belt, and a griffin was an animal sacrificed to her. The Nemesis sanctuary was in city Ramnus.

She wasn't a bad and cruel Goddess, she had only such a functioning. People have always committed acts which were deserve to be punished, and so she was a very busy Goddess. Actually she never rested. But the Nemesis also had and one's brighter side, for honest and God-fearing people, sent happiness and the success.
The rear statistically were of them far less, so She was remembered, above all as for the goddess of the revenge and the punishment.

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