Sailor Nyx Picture

Well this is a beggining design to Sailor Nyx... I might post my Three Moons of Pluto (Sailor Nix -they are different- Sailor Hydra and Sailor Charon). Anyways she is an idea I just kinda thought of while doing research for The Three Moons of Pluto. I wanted her name to be Nyx too.... but that wouldn't work very well I suppose, I might name her Lilith but I am still working on it.

So far here's what I have for her, like it says about Nyx (wikipedia) she is a fuigure of exceptional power and beauty. Because in Mythology Nyx is said to be the mother of many things, her power is darkness/night but some of her powers are related to what the godess Nyx is said to be mother of.

OH! I almost forgot
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