Nyx in Color Picture

Named for the Greek Goddess of night, said to be the mother of Light and one of the oldest goddesses in Greek mythos. Even Zeus feared to upset her. Some seem to think that Nyx appears because light is gone as if anything could be and yet do not exist on its own right. After all, light would not exist if there were no dark to shine it in.

Cold and aloof, she is Phosphor's opposite, carrying the night in her wings, instead of Phosphor's glowing light. The underside of her wing leather acts as a window to the night sky, the star pattern is infinite and never repeats itself. Heavenly bodies wink in and out of view as she moves. Her presence may be accompanied by the scent of jasmine.

Colored pencil and dabs of white ink on 9x12 bristol board. I intended to include a background, but chickened out. Self art so I can try to get back into commissions and get them finished.
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