Nyx's Past Picture

I felt like drawing a pic having to do with my Soul Eater OC Nyx's past. Nyx is about six in this pic.


As I had mentioned back in Nyx's bio, she was abandoned by her family when she was young. Her parents disowned her and threw her out of their house because she had ruined their family's reputation and put shame to their name. How? Because of how Nyx looks. Ever since she was born, many have found her glowing-red eyes and dark blue hair threatening and creepy-looking. Her name also made things worst for her because she was named after the daughter of Chaos in old mythology and some even believed she was the reincarnation of the very being. Her personality also made people weary of her. Nyx is very shy and quiet and has a very monotone voice which is unusual to the people living in the town she was in so they despised her for that too. There were some people who just found her appearance disturbing; some were superstitious and feared her because of her name as I said; some heard silly rumors and believed them; and others were just mean just because they knew her family disowned her. There were many different reason the town didn't like Nyx and never would.

Anyways, after her family disowned her (she never had a very loving home anyways), she began wandering the streets. Nyx managed to live fairly easily on the streets for the first few months she was homeless. But eventually, winter came, making things harder on her. She struggled to get food; sometimes she had to steal to keep herself from starving to death, which only caused more people to look down on her. She also got very sick during that time and her hair grew out. Her new looks became scarier and more threatening to people then before. In fact, more rumors spread about her and the townspeople feared/loathed her even more. Some were too scared to go near her; some would flee the scene when they saw her coming; some would throw rocks and other things at her and insult her as she walked by. Even when Nyx asked for help for little things like spare change or a piece of bread, she was threatened or chased away.

Things only got worst as time went on. Then one day, Nyx found her first friend while roaming down a dark alley way. A small bunny had lost it's way and Nyx adopted it as her pet soon after. However, her new friend was later hurt and when Nyx tried to get help for it, the people she asked for help from claimed that the bunny was cursed because she was holding it and refused to do anything to help. Nyx lost her friend later that month because the injury was so bad and she came to blame herself. And so, things continued to get worst for Nyx over time, and many times she had nearly died from various causes but never did. Eventually Nyx had given up on life, but something changed for the spring of her 14th b-day....

As for what happened, I'll reveal that in another work.

Sad past. What else is new when it comes to my OCs? I will say Korosu's and Sacrifice's past won't be as sad as Nyx's though.

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