Clair Obscur- Nyx the goddess of the night Picture

Nyx - The goddess of the night

Here’s a first teaser of a very little project called Clair Obscur.

Clair Obscur is the result of a lot of things I like : I love brillant and dark colors, the light and darkness theme and I love mythology. I decided to put all of these elements into one project.
The principe is rather simple : I took 6 gods from 3 differents mythologies and I’ll do a character design of how I designed them with their turn around. Then I’ll do some illustrations on the theme of light and darkness - day and night.

The first one is Nyx, the goddess of the night in the greek mythology. Her body is covered by the stars. She had really long hair wich produce the darkness of the night. Her gown is also a part of the night ; the dark blue of the sky and the stars. She also has feathers and a white jewel. The white jewel is the polar star, while all the feathers may remind you the fact that sometimes, she is painted with wings or crows.
One extra thing you can’t see here : she has electric bleu eyes.

You can try to find who are the next gods by looking at this :…

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